6 productivity apps we’ll keep even when we’re not working from home

Are you looking for a way to better manage your daily work tasks (at home or in the office)? Read on to discover the best productivity apps we keep, regardless of office reopening or not.

Apps are designed for an incredible purpose by allowing us to store and sort data, communicate information, and perform many of the small, tedious tasks that escape us or simply take longer than we would like. In an age when most of our jobs rely heavily on the internet, and when we divide our attention so little onto a single screen, technology can act like a virtual assistant.

You may already be familiar with apps that entrepreneurs, small businesses, and freelancers practically swear by to help productivity, like the Design Tool Cloth, and Asana for group projects. But there is more where it comes from.

To help you manage your tasks and work more efficiently, try these highly recommended options. Prices range from free to subscription for a handful of users. Plus, we’ve handpicked the best productivity apps based on the goals you hope to achieve in your job.

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Concept: Best all-in-one app

(Image caption: Notion)

Notion does everything in one place, so all discussions, homework and documents are easily available when you need them. You can customize Notion to look and work the same. you need – we are talking about building blocks that you can drag and drop like Lego blocks to create the dashboard, website or system of your productive dreams.

Here you can register as a single user and enjoy its benefits, but the ability to add users as your team grows is also there for you.

Get Notion here

TickTick: Great for organizing schedules, tasks and lists

(Image credit: TickTick)

Remember the GTasks to-do list app ten years ago? Check mark Check mark is the new version improved by the same team but with more features. First, you can create tasks by voice typing and then organize them in different calendar views.

What we really love about TickTick is that it not only helps with getting organized, but also allows users to have the best free space to work using the Pomodoro technique. This technique is a time management system that divides work into 25-minute chunks separated by five-minute breaks. TickTick comes with a Pomo Timer accompanied by white noise in the background as the soundtrack of your working day. You’ll also be able to track your productivity in the Success Score tab, where your score increases with each completed task or decreases when task completion is delayed.

Get TickTick here

Freedom: Great for blocking out distractions

(Image credit: Liberty)

Freedom is the virtual equivalent of a human resources representative standing behind you, making sure you are not on social media during working hours. And since many of us are working from home now, that might not be such a bad thing. Freedom allows you to control your distractions. Plan your schedule on the fly or in advance by selecting the hours, days and sites to block, with the option to repeat it daily or weekly. This website / app blocker works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and Chrome.

Get freedom here

Grammar: Ideal for proofreading and editing text

(Image credit: Grammar)

Grammar is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you make edits in real time. It is of great help not only for journalists, editors and creatives but also for anyone as it can help in any kind of form of writing like emails, presentations and reports. The plugin works automatically for any text typed on Gmail, Twitter, WordPress, LinkedIn and all your most used sites. In its latest update, Grammarly can now assess the tone of your posts, letting you know if you seem upbeat, confident or friendly.

Get the grammar here

Otter: Great for translating voice notes to text

(Image credit: Otter)

Creative workers will also find the app otter useful for audio transcription. It’s perfect for long interviews, lectures, conversations, or transcribing those inspirational late night moments. Otter is also very useful for companies working remotely because it can be integrated with Zoom, automatically turning meetings into minutes.

From there, you can even find, read, edit, and invite collaborators on your audio or text files. The app is powered by Ambient Voice Intelligence, which means your Otter is always learning to recognize voices and adapt to particular terminology.

Get Otter Here

MindMeister: Ideal for turning mind maps into projects

(Image credit: MindMeister)

MindMeister takes the smart concept of online mind mapping – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg here. If you haven’t heard of mind maps, they are graphical representations of your thoughts and ideas, mapped to help you see the big picture without losing sight of all the little components. Once you’ve created your mind map base on MindMeister, the fun begins.

Users can share and develop ideas with as many friends or colleagues as they want. The app’s sharing and editing tools work in real time for all collaborators, you can even use MindMeister to comment, vote, and make edits while having a brainstorming session.

Get MindMeister here

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