AMD Achieves 16% EPIC Server Market Share Using EPYC Processors

Analyst firm Omdia recently announced that AMD achieved a strong 16% server market share in the last quarter. Part of the company’s historic market share has come from “demand from large-scale cloud service providers, and Google in particular,” Business Wire reports.

AMD Achieves 16% EPIC Server Market Share Using EPYC Processors, Omida Reports

With the enormous need for servers, and even with the industry’s ability to process orders on time, AMD posted “a total of $ 21.5 billion in supplier revenues.”

Intel begins construction of Fab 52 and Fab 62 chip foundries in Arizona

Server revenues are expected to grow 11% to a total of $ 92 billion. The server market is seeing steady increases due to rising server prices, along with the use of optimal compute workloads and heavy data tasks, such as AI and analytics. This has resulted in a need for more efficient storage solutions and increased memory.

There is a severe shortage of some critical components such as power management integrated circuits (PMICs) that could impact server shipments, especially at year-end. Server vendors have increased their component inventory levels to alleviate the shortage and limit the impact of long lead times. This short-term resolution puts additional pressure on the already strained server component supply chain and drives up prices.

“The demand for semiconductors related to power management has grown exponentially due to the proliferation of smartphones, other personal electronics, the increase of electronic systems in cars and Internet devices in the Internet. objects. Components such as PMICs are normally manufactured on an 8 inch wafer to make it competitively priced. In recent years, there has not been a significant investment in an 8 inch manufacturing capacity as it was considered a low margin business. This makes it difficult to resolve the short-term supply shortage problem, ”said Manoj Sukumaran, senior analyst, IT and data center network, Omdia. “As the supply shortage has worsened this year, some companies have started investing in 8-inch capacity, but given that capacity expansion takes at least a year to be productive, it is likely that the PMIC shortage will continue until next year. “

Intel noted that it will attempt a different approach to their CPU architecture with their newer processors, allowing “throughput efficiency and multitasking with low voltage operation creating headroom to increase frequency and performance. at scale for more demanding workloads. the design appropriately targets the performance of single-threaded applications. ” Intel’s latest processor architectures will allow for greater processor customization to match a wider range of applications.

As the battle for x86 architectures continues, Arm-based processor vendors have made great strides in penetrating hyperscale cloud service provider servers. Although Graviton deployments at AWS slowed down somewhat in 2Q20, Oracle server deployments with Ampere’s processor have increased. We also saw good momentum for the Arm-based Fujitsu and Huawei processors.

Omdia said this about AMD’s recent market share results over the past quarter in conjunction with the need to increase technological breakthroughs, such as supercomputers for consumer use:

“We have been following the evolution of technology consumption models for many years and have not been surprised by the renewed efforts of server vendors to provide their infrastructure as a service, despite being located at their customers’ premises”, said Vlad Galabov, director, cloud and data center research, at Omdia. “In Q2 2021, HPE, Dell and Lenovo all reported strong traction for their individual offerings. Interestingly, HPE also provided a supercomputer as a service. This is in line with a broader trend that we are seeing in large companies to reduce capital spending in favor of higher operating expenses. “

Global Data Center Server Revenue by Supplier

Revenue ($ millions)

% cash




2Q21 vs.

2Q21 vs.

White box sellers

$ 5,084

$ 4,748

$ 5,566



Dell EMC

$ 3,261

$ 3,521

$ 3,655




$ 2,747

$ 2,586

$ 2,727




$ 2,412

$ 1,577

$ 2,285




$ 1,466

$ 1,435

$ 1,652




$ 913

$ 815

$ 851




$ 1,270

$ 1,096

$ 820




$ 822

$ 789

$ 729



Super Micro

$ 689

$ 622

$ 708




$ 481

$ 425

$ 518




$ 1,817

$ 1,735

$ 1,972




$ 20,964

$ 19,349

$ 21,482



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