Complaint registered in the UK against Mehul Choksi’s lawyer

June 25, 2021 09:11 STI

New Delhi [India], June 25 (ANI): A complaint against Michael Polak, a lawyer for Indian fugitive businessman Mehul Choksi, has been registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) in England and Wales for having no proof of his complaint concerning his client’s case.
According to Writeups 24, the complaint claimed Polak had no evidence of what he told the media or filed a complaint with the Scotland Yard and War Crimes Unit regarding Choksi’s alleged kidnapping.
The complainant suggested that doing a KYC (know your customer) on a customer is extremely important in the UK. At the same time, it appears that Polak failed to perform KYC and AML (anti-money laundering) checks on his client Choki, who is a fraudster wanted by India.
Writeups 24 further stated that the SRA may open an investigation against Polak and his company looking for KYC, AML, the source of funds and the payment gateway into which he was paid by the current billion dollar fraudster Choksi. arrested in Dominica.
Along with this, an investigation should also take strict action against its statements and publications by Justice Abroad Limited defaming multiple people without providing appropriate evidence fabricating the evidence.
Choksi, who is currently in Dominica on trial, disappeared from Antigua on May 23 and was arrested in Dominica. He was charged with illegal entry into Dominica by police after allegedly fleeing Antigua and Barbuda with the possible aim of avoiding his extradition to India.
Images and videos released by Choksi’s legal team allegedly show individuals, including men of Indian descent, involved in an elaborate operation to take Choksi from Antigua to Dominica on May 23, Antigua News Room reported. .

Justice Abroad, the law firm claimed that Choksi was kidnapped with the help of an acquaintance and men who gagged him and tied him to a wheelchair and used at least one unmarked boat to transport him from ‘Antigua to Dominica.
Polak had said the intention behind the whole episode was to “get” Choksi to India by shortening the legal process. “The evidence in this case shows that Choksi was kidnapped in Antigua, where he had cases pending before the courts, and illegally returned to Dominica.”
“We believe the goal was for him to be taken to India bypassing proper legal procedures in Antigua and Dominica,” Polak said, quoted by Antigua News Room.
Citing media reports, the Caribbean News Portal further reported that in documents and photographs, the legal team in charge of the Dominica case shows a few men who appear to be of Indian descent on the bridge in ‘a boat that would have been used to transport Choksi from Antigua.
Two videos shared by the legal team show an unnamed boat carrying Choksi moving faster than the allowable limit of 8 km / h.
Choksi’s legal team claim he visited the beachfront villa in Antigua of his recent acquaintance Barbara Jarabik on the evening of May 23 and was quickly overpowered by a group of men who “rushed out and beat him.” He was “gagged and tied to a wheelchair” at the threat of a knife and placed on the unmarked boat.
Choksi’s team claimed he belonged to Antigua since he acquired citizenship of that island in 2018. Meanwhile, Indian authorities have told the Dominica High Court in their affidavit that Choksi is a citizen. Indian and noted that he falsely claims renunciation of citizenship under the Citizenship Act, 1955.
The 62-year-old fugitive is wanted in India in connection with the 13,500 crore rupee fraud at the Punjab National Bank. (ANI)

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