Coral Springs judges old Villa Bianca condo unsafe

Exterior of condo and close up images of damage (Google Maps, City of Coral Springs)

A South Florida condominium complex built in the mid-1970s has been deemed unsafe and is due to be vacated on August 5.

The City of Coral Springs said the Villa Bianca condo located at 3990 Woodside Drive had not completed its 40-year recertification in 2016. A recent emergency hearing determined the 16-unit building was unsafe. Fifteen of the units were occupied at the time of the emergency order on Thursday.

South Florida city officials inspected older buildings after the deadly Champlain South Towers collapsed in Surfside on June 24. An increasing number of properties have been deemed unsafe and many have not completed the required recertifications for 40 and 50 years.

Villa Bianca, built in 1976, does not have an established condominium association, which is illegal in Florida, according to the city. Photos provided by Coral Springs show damage to the roof and ceiling of the two-story building. The city’s violation notice indicates a faulty roof, inoperative windows, a fire alarm panel that is in “trouble mode” and an electrical hazard.

The building is the last to be evacuated in South Florida.

In Miami Beach, the city ordered residents of the beachfront La Costa apartment building to evacuate by mid-August. The beachfront property, developed in 1964, has not completed its 50-year recertification, a requirement at Miami-Dade and Broward. In this case, developer Mast Capital had already acquired the majority of the units and is planning to demolish the building.

Unit owners and associations will often delay major repairs and in some cases decide to band together to sell to a developer who can afford to rehabilitate the building or tear it down and build a new project.

Almost 100 people died from the Surfside collapse. The oceanfront portion of the building collapsed overnight, collapsing into the underground garage.

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