Days Gone developer’s new IP address will have multiplayer mode, job posting says

SIE Bend Studio may not have received the green light for a sequel to Days gone by, but as Sony recently confirmed, they are working on a new open world IP address. Details on this are obviously scarce at the moment, but a job posting posted by the developer may have revealed an interesting detail about something that is currently in the pipeline for the game.

SIE Bend Studio has posted an ad for the Senior Network Programmer position, suggesting that its next game will have a multiplayer component. The announcement mentions “support for low-level network issues, multiplayer engine design / architecture, PSN platform services” and more among the responsibilities of the requester, implying that multiplayer will be perhaps an important element. Of course, the game is obviously still in the early stages of development, so it’s hard to be sure of anything right now.

The inner workings of SIE Bend Studio have been the subject of much debate lately. After Days Gone 2 was rejected by Sony, SIE Bend Studio would have been tasked with developing a new Unexplored game under the supervision of Naughty Dog, but at Bend’s request, this project was stopped and the studio was allowed to work on something new of its own. Read more about it here.

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