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LANCASTER – The developer of a proposed single-family lot subdivision at the northwest corner of West 55th Street and L Avenue will obtain City assistance to provide the necessary right-of-way for required street improvements for the section via a conviction procedure.

The city requires developer KB HOME Greater Los Angeles Inc. of Santa Clarita to provide street right-of-way and improvements along West 57th Street and L Avenue. The developer has notified city staff that ‘He was unable to negotiate the acquisition, according to a staff report from Jeff Hogan, senior director of development services.

State law (under the Subdivision Map Act) allows Lancaster to use its power of condemnation whenever a developer is conditioned to make certain improvements to a property that it does not and does not own. unable to secure necessary easements, according to the report.

The developer agrees to pay the city the full cost of the acquisition, and the city agrees to consider acquiring the property by condemnation. This will allow the project to move forward.

The city council unanimously approved the agreement for the sentencing procedure for Leaflet 61041 at its December 14 meeting.

The provisional map of sectors n ° 61041 concerns 40 single-family lots at the northwest corner of avenue L and 55th rue Ouest. The adjacent provisional map # 61040 is for 58 single-family lots at the northwest corner of future 55th Street West and future K-14 avenue.

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