GPHA launches electronic payment for commercial transactions

The Ghana Ports and Harbors Authority (GPHA) has introduced an electronic payment portal system to its existing payment methods to make it easier for customers to deal with the Authority through a secure system.

Mr Francis Donkoh, corporate IT director at GPHA, said in a document available to the Ghana News Agency in Tema, which said customers could access the portal by logging into the official website of the port authority:

He said customers can pay for all terminal processing fees with Visa, Mastercard or mobile money.

Mr Donkoh said the portal makes the fees convenient and easy to pay as a customer can pay from their home or office, indicating that these transactions through the electronic portal are not limited to the working hours of the offices of the GPHA.

He said that with this, doing business was easy because it saves time and money, and eliminates the risk of carrying physical money, while serving as a form of compliance with COVID- protocols. 19.

He assured that “when you enter your card details, it is encrypted. No one can see it. We also do what we call two-factor authentication, which means payment on the platform won’t be complete unless you get an alert on your phone and allow it.

“Which means if someone gets their hands on your card without your consent, he or she can’t make any payments. “

The GPHA, he added, also rolled out a mobile app accessible on the Google Play Store for Android phones and the App Store for iPhones, explaining that the app had four main functions, including: validation invoices, agent status check, vessel tracking and invoice calculator.

Mr. Donkoh explained that this intervention would solve the problem of false invoices produced by some unscrupulous individuals to defraud port customers.

“With this mobile app, with the invoice number, you will know exactly what GPHA is charging you,” he said.

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