Hogwarts Legacy developer hires lead character artist

The universe of Harry potter has always been full of exciting creatures, monsters and not quite human magical entities. This is in part what makes the upcoming release of Hogwarts Legacy so exciting, with players finally able to interact with these creatures in a way never experienced otherwise. An interesting job offer for Hogwarts Legacy reveals some details regarding the development and creation of these fantastic beasts.

A job listing for WB Games and Avalanche Software asking for Senior Character Artist candidates shares insight into what’s going on in the creation of the Harry potter most iconic creatures in the universe for a video game. The list deals with the creation of character assets using several key systems. For example, Hogwarts Legacy offers specific asset creation systems not only for hair, clothing, and skin, but also for fur and other related character systems. This is just a glimpse of the diversity within the Harry potter universe.


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The daily tasks for the position even include tasks to “Create both human and creature anatomies / faces”. NPC for Hogwarts Legacy, are certainly made up of not only humans, but also non-humans, and all kinds of fantastic beasts as enemies and the like. For an artist on the Hogwarts Legacy team, it’s not just about creating visually appealing human students like Hemione, Ron and Harry, but also beautiful and believable fantasy creatures.

senior character artist job list

As for the types of non-human characters that players can interact with in Hogwarts Legacy, the list goes on with the imagination. Elves and Goblins are probably the two easiest answers, as they are found at Hogwarts even as Servants / Slaves and Teachers, respectively. Centaurs, poltergeists, giants also seem likely, being frequently found at Hogwarts or around its grounds. However, it wouldn’t be a fantastic action game without big, small, and magical creatures. Dragons, cats, owls, snakes, and maybe even a phoenix could appear. the Harry potter books are filled with animals and creatures, after all.

The job posting also mentions that applicants’ experience should have a preference for “human anatomy”, such as Hogwarts Legacy will still revolve primarily around normal humans, including through character creation. A leak of Hogwarts Legacy The character creation page revealed options for in-depth facial features and clothing.

While Hogwarts Legacy players themselves will not be elves, centaurs or dragons, unless there is a quest with a special spell they will always want to belong to the Harry potter universe. WB Games adds genre options for Hogwarts Legacy, like custom voice and body type options, and the choice of witch or wizard dormitories, just to make players feel at home in the game. The artist who fills out this job list will likely help out. bringing player creations to life in vivid detail, then filling this world that fantasy and fantasy fans have come to expect Harry potter.

Hogwarts Legacy will be released in 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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