International JavaScript conference and PHP conference 2021: Special offer for early risers

JavaScript and PHP: The duo conference for web developers is taking place from October 25 to 29, 2021. You can attend the conference on-site in Munich or remotely via live streaming from your home or office. Take advantage of early bird offers by booking before Wednesday, September 23.

Workshops and sessions are broadcast live so you can work remotely, wherever you are, while having the possibility to network and get in touch with experts and exhibition partners. Or, attend in person in Munich. The International JavaScript Conference and the International PHP Conference will follow appropriate hygiene and distancing rules. Learn more about the hybrid concept.

Better yet: you can access recordings of all sessions for a year after the conference.

Tip: Advance Sale for iJS and IPC Ends on Stage 23!

Special offers

  • PlayStation Classic Mini or C64 Mini for free: Buy a 3 or 5 day pass until September 23 and get a PlayStation Classic Mini or C64 Mini for free.
  • Special early bird offer: Register until September 23 and save up to € 315.
  • Group discounts: Get an additional 10% discount when registering with 3+ colleagues.
  • Additional offers: The self-employed and employees of scientific institutions benefit from individual offers.

Tracks from the international JavaScript conference


On the Angular track, you will not only gain the knowledge you need to get started with Angular trends, but you will also cover cutting-edge technologies, learn how to tackle today’s technological challenges, and gain insight into the things to do. and don’ts, as well as ups and downs. from the world of web development.


Develop your skills on topics such as building enterprise-wide applications with React, finding the right state management solution, using TypeScript with React, and more by visiting iJS !


What can you do to increase the performance of your Node.js server? How can Node.js be integrated with different technologies? What are the latest trends in the Node.js ecosystem? Renowned experts share their knowledge in the Node.js journey, starting with the basics like building web servers and network tools, to very sophisticated topics like optimizing Node.js applications for workloads. heavy work.

Progressive web apps

The Progressive Web App track includes the right talk for newbies who want to create their first PWA, as well as something for advanced users who want to learn more about the latest features of Project Fugu. Take a look at our sessions and learn how to build native apps that run in the browser!

JavaScript practices and tools

The JavaScript Practices & Tools track answers all kinds of questions, even those you didn’t know you wanted to ask. Learn how to choose the right framework for your needs and get in-depth insight into security, testing, performance (server side as well as for your applications), enhanced DevOps toolchains and even SEO!

PHP international conference tracks

Core and PHP coding

While developing with PHP is an easy skill to learn, the vast ecosystem and its quirks require a lot of experience to master the language. The PHP Core & Coding track offers in-depth information on various aspects of PHP. From basic PHP development to PHP standards, engine topics, framework best practice lectures, this track covers everything you need to know to build great apps and become a better PHP developer. .

General web development

The general web development track offers an overview of various aspects: covering web technology standards such as CSS Level 4 and Grid, as well as supporting SEO aspects and reviewing new techniques and challenges in RWD. Plus, you’ll get in-depth information on application security, browser security, network security, and even server operating systems.

Agile and corporate culture

You’ll learn new strategies to deliver customer value more effectively, and learn how some of the best IT organizations are leveraging agility to improve quality. Then bring it all back to the office to help you achieve your business agility goals.

DevOps and continuous delivery

The DevOps and Continuous Delivery track of the PHP International Conference provides you with comprehensive information on available delivery cycles, high-quality deliveries, and rapid functional changes through the use of container and cloud technologies and microservices.

Software architecture (Frameworks & Co.)

The Software Architecture course (Frameworks & Co.) covers a wide range of topics ranging from data analysis, testing through scaling and automation, to event research and answering questions. such as technical debt management.

Web security

Our web security speakers will educate you on how to make your web applications more secure. It’s not just about spotting weak spots and using the right tools, but also including security in the entire development process. The second axis of this course is the optimization of your applications in terms of performance. Learn about the tools and best practices you can use to achieve better response times at different levels: in the database, in PHP and JavaScript code, and last but not least, across a complex application.

Software quality

There is a wide variety of software testing tools and strategies, and the Software Quality track at the PHP International Conference provides a comprehensive overview of the most important topics. Learn how to be a better developer and write better software that helps you and your business save time and money.

Content management systems

Choosing the right CMS is the most important decision when starting a web development project. There are many providers with different goals and the final choice depends on your needs; Whether you want to create a simple and dynamic website or a fully functional e-commerce store, there are several types of CMS on the market that could reduce your workload. Discover exciting sessions on the topic of Content Management Systems at IPC.

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