Lead Wild Adventures and get paid for it as BRP’s “Adventure Leader”

If you are qualified for adventures and feel like it, Uncharted Society wants you to be the BRP Adventure Leader.

If you read GearJunkie, you probably take on a lot of outdoor excursions. But, do you have what it takes to guide clients on unique outings?

BRP, a prominent Canadian outdoor transportation developer, is currently recruiting an Adventure Leader to do just that. The successful candidate will lead clients of the brand’s Uncharted Society on “expertly curated outdoor playground experiences” across the United States.

They will use a variety of BRP Can-Ams and other powersports vehicles to get the job done. Locations include Zion National Park, Grand Canyon, and Joshua Tree National Park.

Entry threshold? A valid driver’s license. Compensation? $ 50,000. If you don’t want that job, you’re crazier than the job promises.

(Photo / Sean McCoy)

Rad Life as a full-time job: Job details

What exactly are these “cleverly organized experiments”? In fact, it looks like BRP’s adventure leader is about to be the expert. The first professional responsibility listed is to “develop and execute an epic six month road trip”.

Srsly? Yes really. You will participate in the development and realization of the itinerary and BRP will provide the livery.

Speaking of livery: Besides adventure guiding, the job also involves adventure vehicles. Sea-Doo, Ski-Doo and Can-Am are all on the list.

BRP mentions more off-road vehicles etc., but does not specify. And no worries if you’re not already a backroad ripper – the company only requires that you be “able”.

BRP Adventure Leader: Sea-Doo
(Photo / BRP, Sea-Doo)

Ability: Adventure leader Ideal skills and qualifications

Alright so you don’t fair need a valid DL to trap the job of BRP Adventure Leader. Beyond the obvious requirement of an invincible adventure psychiatrist, Uncharted Society is looking for a candidate who knows how to create media and who ideally interacts with an existing personal audience.

Do you have social networks? You will need it. Uncharted Society recommends experience with each major platform.

You will also need AP stylebook access (not hard to get) and at least some capacity for copy editing (not this hard to do – but don’t tell my editors that I said so).

The BRP Adventure Leader position requires a minimum commitment of 6 months, during which the posting (quite amusing) states that you will “travel 100% of the time”. Uncharted Society emphasizes this point and goes on to state that the location is “entirely remote.” Although you may not be at home, you do get a motorhome for your R&R.

And if that wasn’t enough, you can bring your special lady / guy / friend with a +1. They won’t get paid, but if living the rad life was about getting rich, we’d all be millionaires.

Register me: how to apply

Read the entire BRP Adventure Leader job offer here. It’s an old-fashioned application process: send your CV and cover letter to the email address listed in the advertisement. The deadline to apply is July 21.

What are you waiting for? In fact, what am I I expect?

BRP Adventure Leader: Can Am
(Photo / Sean McCoy)

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