Mexico vs El Salvador LIVE: Results Updates (1-0) | 07/18/2021

23:31 a minute ago

59 ‘

Larín did not hit the ball well and the ball did not go in the direction of the goal.

23:28 5 minutes ago

52 ‘

Alfredo Talavera controls Alfredo Talavera’s long ball without a problem.

23:24 8 minutes ago

52 ‘

There is no penalty in favor of Mexico because Funes Mori was offside.

23: 2210 minutes ago

50 ‘

Once again, Funes Mori missed the keeper in front of goal.

23: 1913 minutes ago

47 ‘

Salcedo’s shot at mid-distance missed.

23:18 14 minutes ago

46 ‘

Second half begins: Mexico 1-0 El Salvador.

23:00 32 minutes ago

Half time

The referee adds nothing and Mexico defeats El Salvador 1-0 at halftime.

22:58 35 minutes ago

Funes Mori missed it

22:54 38 minutes ago

39 ‘

Salcedo knocks down the Salvadoran and cuts off dangerous play, although he is not warned.

22:53 39 minutes ago

38 ‘

Gutiérrez’s shot from outside the box is saved by Zabaleta.

10:47 an hour ago

33 ‘

Pineda’s cross is blocked by the Salvadoran defense inside their own six-yard penalty area.

22h 44 ago

29 ‘

Héctor Miguel Herrera’s free kick is just off the goalkeeper’s right post and the ball passes nearby.

10:43 an hour ago

28 ‘

Funes Mori misses a head-to-head and Orbelín is knocked down from behind on the rebound, resulting in a direct free kick.

10:37 an hour ago

22 ‘

Orbelín Pineda hooked a shot towards the center, but the defense blocked his path and prevented him from shooting.

10:33 an hour ago

18 ‘

Cerén’s shot from halfway goes over the goal.

10:31 an hour ago

15 ‘

Jesús Corona’s cross at the far post is wide and goes over the back line.

10:29 an hour ago


The game is starting to get very tight with a lot of fouls from both teams.

10:24 an hour ago

9 ‘

Funes Mori does not touch the ball and takes a shot which is blocked by the defense.

22h 19h ago

7 ‘

Orbelín’s shot is a little too touched and easily reaches the hands of the keeper.

10:14 an hour ago

6 ‘

Jesus Gallardo’s center kick is blocked by the Salvadoran defense with a lot of work.

22h 09 ago

2 ‘

A solid tackle from Cerén and he’s already a yellow card.

10:04 an hour ago

0 ‘

The match between Mexico and El Salvador begins.

21: 592 hours ago

They are already in the hood of the game

The national anthems of Mexico and Salvador currently play the Cotton Bowl in Texas.

21: 542 hours ago

A few minutes away

We are just minutes from the start of the match between Mexico and El Salvador. It’s important to remember that Guatemala vs Trinidad and Tobago will be playing at the same time.

21: 492 hours ago

They jump on the ground

21: 442 hours ago

El Salvador’s replacements

21: 392 hours ago

Mexico’s replacements

21:34 2 hours ago

The referee

Said Martinez, from Honduras, will be in charge of the game between Mexico and El Salvador.

21: 292 hours ago

Salvadoran majority

2 hours ago

One change

Gerardo Martino brought only one change to the Mexican squad and that is the inclusion of Héctor Moreno, a new Rayados de Monterrey player, who had not played in the tournament and who will now be in the center, in addition to be the team captain.

20: 593 hours ago

Demand the best of us

20: 543 hours ago

There is motivation

20: 493 hours ago

Motivational speech

20: 393 hours ago


Mexico and Salvador define the leader of group A where the stadium should be at its maximum capacity. We start with the coverage of the last match of the group stage for both countries.

20: 343 hours ago

On the way to victory

20: 293 hours ago

Excited by Raúl Jiménez

20: 243 hours ago

Warns against El Salvador

20: 193 hours ago

Tune In Here Mexico vs El Salvador Live Score

Don’t miss any detail of the match with live updates and commentary from VAVEL. Follow with us all the details, comments, analyzes and programming for this Mexico vs Salvador match.

20: 143 hours ago

What time is the Mexico vs El Salvador Gold Cup game?

20: 093 hours ago

Last matches

Mexico have seven consecutive wins against El Salvador in any tournament. The last defeat came in the 2010 South Africa qualifiers in Cuscatlán with a 2-1 loss, although the last time they met was four years ago in the Gold Cup where Mexico took the lead. three points with a 3-1 win.

20:04 hours ago

Salvador key player

19:59 4 hours ago

Key player Mexico

19:54 4 hours ago

Last team El Salvador

1 Mario González, 5 Ronald Gómez, 4 Eriq Zavaleta, 13 Alexander Larín, 21 Bryan Tamacas, 6 Narciso Orellana, 7 Darwin Cerén, 17 Jairo Henríquez, 8 Joshua Pérez, 12 Marvin Monterroza, 14 Joaquín Rivas.

19: 494 hours ago

Last team Mexico

1 Alfredo Talavera, 3 Carlos Salcedo, 2 Néstor Araujo, 23 Jesús Gallardo, 21 Luis Rodríguez, 4 Edson Álvarez, 14 Érick Gutiérrez, 16 Héctor Herrera, 11 Rogelio Funes Mori, 10 Orbelín Pineda, 17 Jesús Corona.

19: 444 hours ago

Much happiness

19: 394 hours ago

At the same time

At the same time, Guatemala and Trinidad and Tobago face off, where the first has no chance of qualifying, while the Caribbean team must win and wait for Mexico to lose to finish second in the group.

19:34 4 hours ago

Mexico: release the pressure

After failing to score a goal against Trinidad and being criticized for beating Guatemala B team by only three goals, that of Gerardo Martino The team have a good test to show they are going up and can take the lead, which is a must for the Aztecs.

19:29 4 hours ago

El Salvador: leaving everything on the ground

19: 244 hours ago

What would the match be?

Remember that the first and second place in this sector will face sector D, made up of Panama, Qatar and Honduras, with Grenade also in the group but already eliminated.

19: 194 hours ago

The direction will be defined

19:09 4 hours ago

Welcome to’s LIVE coverage of the 2021 Gold Cup: Mexico vs El Salvador!

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