Microsoft Passwordless Option: Your account no longer needs passwords, but how does it work?

Microsoft goes passwordless, where users have the option to remove these codes when signing in or authenticating their Microsoft account. This would be an entirely new venture for Microsoft, as the main concern in cybersecurity lately has been to keep an account more secure by having stronger and harder to decipher key chains or passcodes.

There have been many ventures for Microsoft in recent months, not least because it released the latest version of its computer operating system, Windows 11, to replace Windows 10. As part of the leaks alongside Windows 11, it was said that Microsoft was running on a “no password” login option for users to come with the new operating system.

Microsoft Passworldless Account

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Microsoft’s passwordless account is made possible by its “Microsoft Authenticator” app, and it’s a feature that focuses on one of the “two-factor authentication” methods of texting a code to a user. In addition, it works as an OTP or “one-time access codes” generator, which can then be used to confirm that the user is the real deal.

It works like a TFA feature but removes the need to enter a password when logging in. This means that users would just have to enter their username or email address linked to their Microsoft account and move on.

After which, the app would notify a password, where it would also be accessible when opening the app.

Microsoft says it’s the the future of security and authentication when it comes to a device, something that people can take advantage of because it’s safe and secure, but doesn’t need a password to do so. The software publisher strongly considers its service to be secure, which would protect users.

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How to set up an account without a Microsoft password

Microsoft Passwordless Option

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To use this feature, users must have a “Microsoft Authenticator” application available for both Android and ios devices. Here, users will need to log in with their password to configure it.

Then users need to head to Microsoft account management website, where they would complete the setup. Head to the “Find my devices” tab and choose the option. Search for “Security” and activate the option without password.

It doesn’t end there, as users need to go to “Additional Security” to complete the setup and select “Account without password”.

Is it safe not to use a password?

Microsoft guarantees that this is safe and efficient, with the authenticator app being the one that gives users new access codes whenever needed. Thanks to this, users do not need to enter passwords, but are still verified with a passcode.

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