New Dell Concepts Promise to Improve Your Remote and Hybrid Work Experience

In short: CES is fast approaching and Dell has unveiled new concepts designed to increase productivity in remote and hybrid work environments. They won’t be available for purchase anytime soon, but at least we can get a sense of where Dell plans to go for various product lines in the near future.

Remote and hybrid work environments are becoming more and more common due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, which is leading companies to invent and develop new products to meet the changing needs of consumers. Dell is one of those companies, unveiling a set of concepts that promise to improve communication and collaboration and provide a seamless experience between home and office environments.

First, there’s Concept Pari, a compact, mobile webcam that users can place anywhere on supported displays, charging stations, a dedicated stand, or in their hands. By moving the camera, Dell explains that users can adjust their position to make direct eye contact and even point the camera at other objects more easily.

Concept Pari has a built-in microphone, power indicator and vertical indicator light to help users align the camera angle. Plus, it can record videos at 1080p wirelessly and comes with a built-in USB-C docking station for wireless charging.

There’s also Concept Stanza, an 11-inch tablet with a stylus and microphone included for note taking. The tablet seems to work better as a companion or as a second screen on a laptop / desktop rather than a stand-alone device, as it doesn’t feature any connectivity ports, speakers, or cameras.

Concept Flow, meanwhile, is a solution that combines devices, wireless charging standards, software, and 6E Wi-Fi docking technology to create an environment in which laptops automatically connect to displays, devices, and devices. charging stations and wireless devices, depending on proximity.

“Imagine walking to a smart workspace where your laptop automatically connects to displays, mouse, keyboard, and your trusted network before you sit down,” said Glen Robson, group technical director. customer solutions from Dell Technologies.

Once your computer is out of range of supported devices, Flow’s proximity sensing technology disconnects it from the network.

The announcement of the Stanza, Pari and Flow concepts came just after Dell unveiled Luna, an easy-to-repair prototype laptop with reusable parts to dramatically reduce the product’s carbon footprint.

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