Paranormal shooter on the horizon for developer Genshin

Mihoyo, developer of Genshin Impact, is opening a new studio in Montreal to work on his next big title. This Canadian studio, which will hire more than 100 developers over the next two years, will be working on a brand new open-world shooter from the developer. While details are scarce at the moment, the new game will supposedly take place in a paranormal world.

In a post on LinkedIn, the developer announced the creation of its first North American site and gave some details on what people hired in Montreal would do. According to the post, “The Canadian team will work closely with the global development team and focus on creating an all-new open-world AAA action-adventure game featuring shooter-based gameplay in a living and breathing paranormal world “. Beyond this brief description, nothing else is known about the game, but a look at the positions Mihoyo is trying to fill within the new studio may offer some clues.

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On the developer’s career page, there are several new job postings for the studio. One of these lists is for a level designer whose responsibilities will include designing a “complete road network in an open world with an urban area and wilderness” as well as designing “vehicle tracks for racing, pursuit or other types of gambling “. Another listing for a senior tech artist shows that the game will feature a destruction system that “plays a very central role” in the new game.



While it’s hard to say what this open world shooter set in a paranormal world will look like, it looks like the game will be quite different from Mihoyo’s current titles. The Chinese video game developer is probably best known for its gacha action role-playing game – Genshin Impact. This game turned out to be a huge hit for the developer, grossing over $ 100 million in less than two weeks. This title was followed by the free-to-play otome adventure game Tears of Themis. Dubbed a “romantic sleuth game,” Themis saw players take on the role of a detective who works with their lover to solve bizarre crimes. Finally, Mihoyo is currently working hard on another JRPG, Honkai: Star Rail, which does not have an official release date. This game will be part of the Honkai sci-fi series and several betas are planned for the near future.

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