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June 20, 2021 4:38 PM EDT

QOwnNotes is an open source (GPL) plain text notepad with markdown support and to-do list manager for GNU / Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows, which (optional) works with the Notes application. ‘ownCloud (or Nextcloud). So you can write down your thoughts with QOwnNotes and edit or search them later from your mobile device (like with CloudNotes) or from the ownCloud web service. Notes are stored as plain text files and you can sync them with your ownCloud sync client. Of course, other software, such as Dropbox, Syncthing, Seafile or BitTorrent Sync can also be used.


  • Note folder can be chosen freely (multiple note folders can be used)
  • Note substrings search is possible and the search results are highlighted in the notes
  • the application can be used with customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • external modifications of the note files are monitored (the notes or the list of notes are reloaded)
  • old versions of your notes can be restored from your ownCloud server
  • deleted notes can be restored from your ownCloud server
  • the differences between the current note and the externally modified note are displayed in a dialog box
  • note highlighting and a markdown preview mode
  • notes get their name from the first line of note text (like in the ownCloud notes web app) and note text files are automatically renamed, if the first line changes
  • compatible with ownCloud’s notes web application and ownCloud mobile notes applications
  • compatible with ownCloud’s selective sync function by supporting an unlimited number of note folders with the option to choose the respective folder on your server
  • manage your ownCloud task lists (ownCloud tasks or Tasks Plus / Calendar Plus) or use another CalDAV server to synchronize your tasks with
  • note encryption (AES-256 is built in or you can use custom encryption methods like Keybase.io (encryption-keybase.qml) or PGP (encryption-pgp.qml))
  • support for dark mode theme
  • Themes support for Markdown syntax highlighting
  • all panels can be placed anywhere you want, they can even float or stack (fully dockable)
  • support for freedesktop theme icons, you can use QOwnNotes with your native desktop icons and with your favorite dark desktop theme
  • support for hierarchical tagging of notes and subfolders of notes
  • support for sharing notes on your ownCloud server
  • portable mode to carry QOwnNotes on USB sticks
  • Evernote import
  • QOwnNotes is available in many different languages ​​like English, German, French, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Dutch and Spanish

QOwnNotes 21.6.4 changelog:

  • fixed an issue when enabling the subfolders panel after disabling it
    for note folders with subfolders

  • note preview can now also highlight code blocks with uppercase identifiers

  • now the shorter link https://web.libera.chat/#qownnotes is used for the
    IRC channel in the chat menu

Download: QOwnNotes 21.6.4 | 37.8 MB (Open Source)
Download: QOwnNotes for other operating systems
View: QOwnNotes home page

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