US Senate confirms Biden’s choice as head of Bureau of Land Management

The US Senate voted Thursday to confirm Montana conservationist Tracy Stone-Manning as the head of the Bureau of Land Management.

Stone-Manning, who was nominated by President Joe Biden, got the confirmation by a 50-45 vote. The office, a division of the Interior Ministry, manages more than a tenth of the country’s land area. As director, Stone-Manning will be at the heart of Biden’s efforts to tackle climate change through public land management, including a current review of the federal oil and gas lease program.

Stone-Manning was most recently Senior Conservation Policy Advisor to the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), where she spoke out against pressure from the Trump administration to maximize fossil fuel production on public lands at the expense of other land uses. Prior to joining the NWF in 2017, Stone-Manning was chief of staff to former Democratic Montana Governor Steve Bullock. She also worked for Democratic Senator Jon Tester of Montana.

Stone-Manning’s nomination has met with opposition from Republicans over its links to a decades-old tree spike incident. Tree spreading involves driving a metal rod into a tree to prevent logging. Republican Senator John Barrasso expressed these concerns in a speech to the Senate ahead of the vote.

Moderate Democratic Senator Joe Manchin has expressed his support for Stone-Manning, highlighting his decades as a public servant.

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