Work together or fail: ‘Operation: Tango’ is a game designed for two

An agent and a hacker are chasing a notorious cybercriminal who wants to access everyone’s personal data. This is the essence of “Operation: Tango”.

But what makes this game really special is that it is made for two players to play together without being in the same room.

At first, you and your friend can choose between being Agent Angel or hacker Alistar. Both roles have their charm and each faces their own challenges. It’s a co-op game, but you can’t share a screen with your co-player.

Instead, the Agent Player and the Pirate Player can sit at home in front of their own console or PC. Each player only sees their part of the game, so communication through a headset is vital.

As you would expect from a hacker, Alistar stays in front of his computer to work on high-tech tricks. He can see Angel on surveillance cameras and help him enter secure areas.

Angel, meanwhile, is out in the world, looking for clues and searching for codes. The adventure can only be successful if the two characters work well together.

Another special feature of the game is that the roles of hacker and agent can be swapped at any time.

The game is available for PC and Playstation 5 and costs around US $ 15 (RM 63). – dpa

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